All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP8-7


Kasukabe and Kosaka have come to a restaurant for dinner, which isn’t the kind of one that Genshiken guys would go to.

Kasukabe: I’m thinking of trying one-shoulders.

Kosaka: What’s the one-shoulders?

Kasukabe: A type of dress showing one side of shoulders.

Kosaka: Hm, hm. Speaking of the one-shoulders, I’d rather like Zako than Gauf, which Ouno is making right now, because he’s got his one shoulder armed with spikes. Hey, what’s the matter?

She didn’t want any talk about model kits here.

Kasukabe: Um, so, what are we doing after this?

Kosaka: What do you like to do?

As she’s been sick of model kits these days, she doesn’t feel like being with him today, even though she loves him so much.

Kasukabe: Well, I’m sorry I’ll go home, after all. I’m a little tired today.

Kosaka: Hmm?


The next day, Kasukabe comes to the club room, where she gets surprised to find something in Ouno’s hand.

Kasukabe: Hey, Ouno! Are you polishing your nails?! Is that the brand-new one?

Actually she’s just using glue to put together the plastic pieces of her model kits.

Ouno: Yes?

Kasukabe: I knew she couldn’t be…

With a disappointment, she takes a seat.

Ouno: Um, hey…

Kasukabe: What?

The rest of guys are shocked at the same time. They thought “Is she really going to ask her that question?”.

Ouno: Why don’t you join us if you like.

Kasukabe: Huh?

Ouno: I’ve seen you a lot in here these days, so I thought you might be interested in model kits, too.

Kasukabe: Forget it. Ask someone else.

Getting awkward at her question, she walks out of the room.

Sasahara: See? She’d never do.

Ouno seems disappointed.

Tanaka: Um, let’s keep going on polishing the joints. As you’ve already known, this process will make a great difference, right?

Sasahara: Sure!

Ouno: …Yes…


On the other hand, Kasukabe has come to a common space for a smoke, where someone shows up yelling at her.

Kitagawa: Hey, Genshiken!

She’s a vice chairwoman of the student council.

Kasukabe: What’s up?

Kitagawa: Are you kidding? I’ve had the complaints about  your club room that smells of thinner!

Kasukabe: Smells of thinner? Hmm, oh, that’s it.

She thinks of the paints and the glues they were using back in the room smelling like thinner, which can be toxic chemicals for some people to enjoy inhaling.

Kitagawa: You guys couldn’t be doing…

Kasukabe: You know, it’s spring now and anyone can pop up here and there. Go ahead and talk that suckers off.

Kitagawa is a little puzzled at her attitude because she’s usually against her but isn’t today.

( to be continued )


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