All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP8-9


Today, Ouno is asking Kasukabe to come with her.

Kasukabe: Hey, tell me where we’re going, Ouno?

Ouno: I’ve finally built up my Gauf!

Kasukabe: Oh?

When they arrive in the club room, there are two completed model kits, Gauf for Ouno and Gymi for Sasahara, on the table and all the Genshiken member has been waiting for them.

Kasukabe: Oh, it’s finally done.

Ouno: I’m not so proud of its quality, though…

Kasukabe: Well, I’m not so sure about them but I think they look pretty good.

Kosaka: I’m impressed they didn’t give up and completed.

Kasukabe: Yeah, that’s right!

She starts watching their model kits closely and soon has got some instinct.

Kasukabe: Um, can I have it?

Ouno: Um, well…

She’s apparently hesitating to lend her the model kit but says OK in the end.

Ouno: Go ahead…

Guys are all surprised because they’re all afraid of the tragedy happening again.

Kasukabe: Um, I won’t make the same mistake! It wouldn’t be broken so easily unless I handle them rough, right?

Ouno: Y… yes, of course.

Even saying so, she looks quite nervous.

Kasukabe: OK, I’ll be as careful as I can.

She starts with moving its shoulder.

Kasukabe: Hmm, the joints moves rather smoothly than I thought.

Ouno: Y… yes…

Kasukabe: Wow, I didn’t know how it works.

Then she moves on to the legs.

Kasukabe: It stretches wide!

Tanaka: U… ugh…

Kasukabe: Oh, I have to move it from the bottom, right?

Tanaka: Yes, and as slowly as possible…

Kasukabe: Like… this? Oh?

She finds one of the legs wouldn’t go back to the right position. After a short thinking, she decides to put a little more strength into it.

Kasukabe: Humph! …What? A snap sound?


They find the leg have come off and are all frozen up.

Kasukabe: Sorry! I happened to take the leg off!

Tanaka: L… let me see. I guess the poly-cap just came off…

If the poly-cap has just dropped off, you can fix it easily, however…

Tanaka: It’s … snapped…

Kasukabe: Really?!

Even he can’t help getting angry at her this time.

Tanaka: You did it on purpose! No doubt!!

Kasukabe: N… no, I didn’t mean it!

Ouno collapse on the chair with no words.

Tanaka: You just said “Humph!” What was that “humph”?! It doesn’t get snapped that easily, eh!

But Madarame finds Ouno very, very depressed.

( to be continued )


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