All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP8-11


Kasukabe tells Ouno she’s going to make up for her by doing anything she wants her to do and Ouno decided on costume-playing in the end.

Kasukabe: Is… this?!

Ouno gives her a neko-mimi(=cat’s ears headband).

Kasukabe: Hey, it looks, um, escalated than the one before, doesn’t it?

Actually, the new neko-mimi has been frilled.

Ouno: Really? I think it’s become more cute with maids style myself.

Actually that is the point Kasukabe feels embarrassed with.

Ouno: Please, nyan(=meow)!

Kasukabe: Nyan?!

She finally gets upset beyond embarrassment.

Kasukabe: I won’t buy it!

She throws away the neko-mimi roughly and walks out through the door.

Ouno: Hey, it’s unfair! You promised me!

She gives out a sigh when she finds Kasukabe get back normal. This may have been her way to take care of her. Anyway, she looks at the guys back in the room, who are all enjoying some delusion with Kasukabe blushing their faces.

Ouno: Oh, yeah…?

Their inside of minds are the following.

Madarame: ( Kasukabe’s neko-mimi maid… )

Sasahara: ( She’d be bitter at first but eventually be so sweet… )

Tanaka: ( Good, it’s so good! )

Kugayama: ( Yes, yes! )

They’re feeling hard-moe(= a type of affection ) right now by imagination! …After such a nice speech of Madarame, they turned out to be die-hard otaku anyway.


“The next episode’s trailer”

Sasahara: Do you know this big drop-shaped sweat when they become upset?

Kugayama: Sure, it’s called ase-jito*, right?

Sasahara: Isn’t it a little too boring to see nowadays, is it?

Kugayama: I know, just same for the exclamation points flashing on their heads when they find out something or come up with.

Sasahara: Don’t forget about those strange textures on the cheek.*

Kugayama: They were also happened to see on the upper chest at times.

Sasahara: I didn’t know there’s “what’s in or out” about the expressions, too.

Kugayama: You know what’s the worst lame today is the splitting screen with the mellow songs.

Sasahara: I know! I’d prefer something like I can shout out the names of the robots and the combat skills at Karaoke bar!


*Ase-jito: A type of pictures expressing sweat in manga, anime, etc. Ase stands for sweat and jito(an abbreviation of jittori) for wet.

*Strange textures: mostly a pair of light-pink oval shape which show up on the cheek when they feel embarrassed for example.


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