All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP9-2


Madarame hasn’t been succeeded in talking to Kasukabe yet since he came back in here. He becomes more and more restless trembling his body with shifty eyes.

Madarame: ( No, it just helps me look like a fool! I need to find any topics… )

He pays attention to the comic book she’s reading.

Madarame: ( Oh, that’s the series of Yumei’s love letter, a masterpiece! )

He starts thinking of this situation like a typical Bishojo(= pretty girls) game in his mind.

Madaram: ( It’s definitely a masterpiece, though should I share my impressions with her? )

There’re two options pop up in the window. “I love it, too.” or “Leave her alone”

His mind goes back and forth between the two options.

Madarame: ( Ah, it’s typical of me, again. I know you can’t live with only two options in real life, right? Then, I’d better not try to be different here… )

Then, he finally talks to her.

Madarame: The comic is awesome, isn’t it?

But there’s no reply from her, which makes him very embarrassed.

Madarame: ( See, she just ignored me! Wait, even Kasukabe wouldn’t do that. Oh, she’s just on the 9th volume, where things are getting very interesting with the reunion of Toki and Shira after a long time! She must be into it right now, which I’m glad to see in a way. )

Again, his virtual game pops up in his mind. This time he’s got these two option, one of which is “The Whisper of Hiten(= a kind of angels) is also great” and the other is “Remain silent”. Finally he decided to say nothing.

But his decision doesn’t help him at all – he feels as if he’s being choked in the room.

Madarame: ( No, I can’t stand it anymore! She’d be getting more and more suspicious about me unless I’m doing something! )

He tries to take a magazine he got today out of his backpack. But he stops his hand as he finds it a porn magazine. Then, he starts a simulation in his virtual game, again. He brings up the porn magazine in front of Kasukabe.

Kasukabe(in the game): Oh, no!

She gets pretty embarrassed to run away.

Madarame: ( No, no, no! It can’t be, nonsense! I shouldn’t be playing one-man comedy, right? How can I bring it out here? Never! )

It seems like that he’ll have to be struggling for another some time.

( to be continued )


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