All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP9-4


Madarame is getting more and more impatient in the same room with Kasukabe so he tries to make up a good excuse for leaving the room.

Madarame: Oh-oh, hmm?

He pretends to be looking for something in his pockets.

Madarame: Nah, it couldn’t be. Where it’s gone?

Then he looks into his backpack.

Madarame: I’d be in trouble without that.

He even starts searching under the table, where he happens to see Kasukabe’s legs sticking out of her mini skirt, which makes him so embarrassed he bumps his head against the bottom of the table.

Madarame: Ouch!

She finally gives him a glimpse, who’s being rattled all by himself.

Madarame: Oh, please don’t mind it! You know, I didn’t mean to peek anything but to look for something…

She just gets back to the comic without a word to him.

Madarame: Oh, I just remembered! Now I am okay!

We don’t know about this but anyway he thinks he’s got a good excuse and walks out of the room. But he soon starts regretting of this on the hallway.

Madarame: What have I done! Don’t escape after I even did such a cheap play, right? Now, I can’t return so soon because it’d be suspicious.

He stops by at the vending machines.

Madarame: Why am I being so self-conscious about Kasukabe? I’ve got nothing about her and I prefer young girls myself. Why do I have to be so concerned for her? Maybe she should have to! But… I’m so coward… I’ve just got to talk to her in a natural manner, that’s all!

So he speaks to her naturally when he returns.


Madarame: Do you wanna this?

He offers her a drink he bought for her at the vending machine.

Kasukabe: What?

She definitely looks at him suspiciously.

Kasukabe: No, thanks.

Madarame: Come on, it’s a canned drink so you have no worry about this. Here!

Kasukabe: Um, that’s not the point. I don’t want it because I don’t owe you anything!

Madarame: Oh, all right… ( What?! Did I make any mistake? )

Later that, he ended up the two empty cans of drink.

( to be continued )


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