All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP9-5


Madarame bought her a drink but she turned it down. He had to drink up them by himself. Now he’s reading a comic magazine.

Madarame: ( Even she must be regretting what she’s done to me, right? Maybe she thinks she shouldn’t have been so rude or it wouldn’t make her feeling well if she takes off without apologizing to me. That’s it, for sure! )

Whether his logic is right or not, he decides to talk to her again.

Madarame: How’s it going these days?

But she doesn’t answer quickly.

Madarame: Did anything happen to you?

Then, she finally replies to him.

Kasukabe: What do you mean?

Madarame: Let’s say, with Kosaka.

Kasukabe: None.

Madarame: Everything’s been okay?

Kasukabe: Yeah, no problem.

Madarame: Oh, yeah?

Kasukabe: What?!

She gets a little upset with him.

Madarame: Wait, I just thought it wasn’t very usual of you two not being together and I was a little surprised you stayed in here even after he went home.

Kasukabe: Are you trying to get some scoop?

Madarame: Oh, no, I just wondered why! I never meant to be nosy about you, honestly, and I just found it a little different today! You know, I’m not a kind who likes to butt in, after all! … Sorry…

For some reason, he’s got to apologize to her in the end.

Kasukabe: All right.

Suddenly she makes a big noise slamming the comic, which surprises Madarame very much.

Kasukabe: Do you have a sequel of this?

Madarame: Oh, vol. 10, right? Of course, yes!

He’s very happy to jump at the book shelves.

Madarame: I think… Oh, here it is! By the way, do you wanna try The Whisper of Hiten by the same author? It’s also great one and I can lend you if you like?

Kasukabe: No, thanks.

He’s a little shocked by her quick answering.

Kasukabe: I have’t done with this yet, you know.

Madarame: Yeah, I knew it! Hey, here’s vol. 10.

Kasukabe: Thanks.

She takes the comic from him by pinching the very corner, which looks to him as if she’s avoiding his hands.

Madarame: ( You hate me that much? I’m not the bacteria from Andromeda. )

He glances at her drinking the rest of the can. Then suddenly he’s got a strange feeling with her face. He tries to look at a part of her face closely and figures out what’s that.

( to be continued )


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