All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP9-6


Madarame is really shocked because he found something on her face that should never be there – a hair out of her nose.

Madarame: ( Wait a sec! That hair is sticking out! Men could have that out sometimes but never for women! Hold on, it may be a dirt or I just saw something else! I should make it sure by glancing at her once again. )

But he just found it a long black hair sticking out of her nose.

Madarame: ( Nothing could be better grab for talk than this but, on second thought, it could be falling off because it looks too long! So maybe I should wait until it comes off. But… I wonder if it really happens? What if someone else, not me, finds that coming off and laughs at her when she goes out? Wouldn’t she get embarrassed? She shouldn’t be very happy with that. )

He checks how fast she’s reading the comic book.

Madarame: ( It’d take about 30 minutes for her to go through, no, 40 minutes since she’s not used to reading comic books. I’ll tell her if it hasn’t come off yet even when she’s going home. Nah, what if other Genshiken member come in before that? I can’t mention it in front of them!

Then, he starts simulating the game in his head, again.

Saki: What’s wrong?

Madarame: You’ve got something under your nose.

Saki: Where is it?

Madarame: Look.

He shows her a mirror.

Saki: Oh, my! It’s a nose hair! You did know it?! I’m so embarrassed!

Madarame: Aha.

He came back to the real.

Madarame: ( OK, it’s a piece of cake. Don’t be so serious. Here goes nothing! )

He can feel his heart running very fast. But, in the end, he decided to click “Let her alone” in his simulated game.

Madarame: ( I can feel very easy when there’s only single option in video games, but it doesn’t just work for the real… )

He glances at her again. Her profile is beautiful except a single hair out of her nose.

Madarame: ( Ugh… No! No heroine has got a hair out of the nose! It’s not only for her but I can’t also put up with seeing that! If I accepted that, my soul would be conquered by something, I’m not sure exactly what’s that, though. Don’t be scared, man. Kasukabe won’t be so hurt, I guess. Be natural so it’ll be a funny story afterward… )

Again, he tries to mention her nose hair but he’s got a flash back that gives him a more difficult time…

( to be continued )


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