All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP10-1


Anyway they start setting up their beach parasols.

Kugayama: Pull it a little further, Sasahara.

Sasahara: Sure, is this all right?

Ouno is still holding Kasukabe’s hand.

Kasukabe: See? This beach is well-secured by the hotels behind the beach, so you don’t have to worry about anything like some guys hitting on you. There’re only families here.

Ouno: Um…

Kasukabe: You’re used to wearing such embarrassing costumes, aren’t you?

Ouno: No, that’s different!

Kasukabe: And look, you’ve got a lot of body guards in some emergency today.

The Genshiken guys understand what she’s meaning, but they just laugh at each other awkwardly – they never look reliable.

Kasukabe: Anyway, release my hand.

Ouno: Um…

Kasukabe: Me and Kosaka will go swimming, okay?

Ouno: Ah…

She finally release her hand.

Kasukabe: All right.

Meanwhile Keiko tries to approach Kosaka.

Keiko: Hi, Kosaka…

Suddenly a crocodile float bumps against her.

Keiko: Ugh!!

Guys: Hugh?

Kasukabe: Listen, I’ll give you a warning. Don’t get closer within a radius of any 10 meters of me and Kosaka, OK?

Sasahara: I somehow knew this…

After then, they’re separated into two parasols, the one is only for Kasukabe and Kosaka and the other is for the rest of them.

Kasukabe: For the luggage security, two parasols are just okay to stay close.

Madarame: What a difference of the density…

Keiko: Why do I have to be in this side?

Kugayama: You guys go. I’ll save my energy for a returning drive.

Ouno: I’m not very good at swimming myself.

Madarame: You know, Comi Fes is coming next week. It’s embarrassing to go there with tanned skins.

Tanaka: I know.

Sasahara: I’m not sure.

Madarame: It is true!

For some reason, he doesn’t want to get tanned for Comi Fes

( to be continued )


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