All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP10-2


Even on the beach, these Otaku guys don’t want to play outside. Keiko soon gets bored with them so she tries to follow Kosaka and Kasukabe to play with them. But Kasukabe keeps away from her with a crocodile float.

Keiko: Ugh!

Kosaka: What?

Kasukabe: Oh, never mind.

Keiko returns to her brother crying.

Keiko: Hey, monkey!

Sasahara: Who’d help you calling me a monkey?

Even some time later, they’re still sitting under the parasol.

Keiko: Hey, are you really keep just sitting here?

Madarame: In that case, I think I’ll get prepared for Comi Fes.

He takes out a guidebook of Comi Fes and starts reading it.

Tanaka: You do that in here?

Ouno also takes out an anime magazine out of her bag.

Tanaka: Oh, have you decided which costume to play?

Ouno: I’m thinking of this.

Tanaka: Hm, if only without a long stuff.

Ouno: But I like the school uniform.

Keiko: Sigh…


Meanwhile, Kasukabe is enjoying floating with her boyfriend, where Keiko approaches them, again. Kasukabe isn’t very happy about having her in sight so she splashes water on Keiko’s face.

Keiko: “Cough!”

Kasukabe: Leave her alone.

Keiko: Hey, wait, please! Let me join you! They just started Gungal Shiritori, you know!

Shiritori is a Japanese word-chain game. In this case, they must use specific nouns appear in Gungal (A made-up title of animation). Whatever, it’s not something to play on the beach.

Kasukabe: Oh…

She even feels a little sorry for Keiko.

Kosaka: That sounds like a fun!

Keiko: Hey, come on! I promise I won’t mess with Kosaka, please!

Kasukabe: All right, you win…

Keiko: Yes!

Despite her promise, Keiko tries to walk up to Kosaka at the next moment. So Kasukabe trips her with her foot under the water to give her a difficult time.

( to be continued )


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