All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP10-11


A preview part for the next episode.

Ouno: Why do you hate Otaku?

Kasukabe: Because they’re all ugly – they are fat, wearing a strange bandana, gloves and carrying a full-stuffed backpack – all sucks!

Ouno: Some otaku are getting more stylish these days, you know.

Kasukabe: I bet. I can tell them by their stinky smell! Even worse, they’re so proud of taking a bath. How could they boast of that? Anyone takes a bath!

Ouno: Um…

Kasukabe: And their conversation! “Do you know this and that? Yes? No?” That’s no longer a conversation, just a bragging battle, sucker! Don’t speak that loudly! Stop mumbling and cozying up to me! Get away!

Ouno: Hewuu*…

Kasukabe: And don’t say like hewuu…

*Hewuu: A nonsense word. It stands for some feeling of regret and sounds a little otakkie.


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