All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP11-1


Kasukabe starts to be irritated because they wouldn’t start the meeting they’re supposed to have.

Kasukabe: Hey.

Madarame: What?

Kasukabe: What are we supposed to be here for today?

Madarame: Oh!

They’ve been carried away with the topic of Kuji-Un.

Madarame: Well, the meeting about the college festival. You know, our exhibition is going to be… the same one we had last year, period.

Kasukabe: Done already?

They all make an awkward smile on their faces, even though they could expect this way.

Ouno: You know, I actually got permission to have a costume shooting party. How do you like it?

Kasukabe: I won’t!

Ouno is very disappointed with her answer.

Kasukabe: Everyone in this club is all lazy, aren’t they?

Kosaka: You’re being too frank.

Kasukabe: Are you really satisfied? What about Manken?

Madarame: Um, what I heard was Manken and Aniken were going to hold a big event together. A couple of cities were being cooperated to have an anime festival for their development in this area.

Kasukabe: Sure? The bureaucrats do?

She’s surprised that the government is interested in otaku events.

Madarame: That’s right. They’ll work with them or just take part in the event, that’s sort of thing.

Kasukabe: Oh, what’s the world coming to?

Tanaka: But they’re inviting some guests from animation companies and even planning a costume-playing contest.

Ouno looks excited with the news.

Madarame: They mean business in the event, you know.

Guys: Right.

For some reason, they’re proud of the Otaku event.

Kasukabe: So, what are we having in it?

Madarame: …Nothing. We didn’t even have a call.

Kasukabe: Ugh, this club is really useless! You might as well dismiss Genshiken!

Just then, a box on the locker unfortunately falls on her head as she sits back the chair.

Madarame: Oh.

Ouno: Are you all right?

Kosaka: You lucky, it’s an empty box.

Kasukabe: It hit the same spot.

Kosaka: What?

Finally she goes mad.


Everyone but Kosaka in there can’t see why she got that furious since they haven’t known she hit her head once this morning.

Kasukabe: We need spring-cleaning now!

Madarame: What all of a sudden?

Kasukabe: I’m determined! I’ve had it enough!

She tells them slamming the table. She hates the messy room.

Kasukabe: You might as well do it as you’ve been wasting time in such an useless meeting, right?!

Guy: Um…

Kasukabe: I’ll never come here again unless you clean up the room!

Madarame: Um, that wouldn’t be the matter for us anyway…

Tanaka: Shh! Don’t say that!

Kasukabe: Stand up, guys! We’ll begin with these magazines, okay?

Madarame: What’s the matter with her today?

Kosaka: You know, she hit her head as we were leaving.

Now they ended up having a spring-cleaning by her order.

( to be continued )


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