All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP11-6


On the day of the college festival, not surprisingly, Kasukabe has been missing.

Ouno: Where’s Saki? I couldn’t reach her cellphone since yesterday.

Tanaka: What?!

Madarame: She maybe skipped.

Ouno: Oh, really?!

Madarame: Don’t worry. I’ve already handled it.

In the meantime, Kasukabe has been hiding in a restaurant in Kichijoji, where Kosaka suddenly appears to find her and this makes her astounded.

Kasukabe: Oh, how did you know where I am?!

Kosaka: By intuition, honey.

In the end, she’s been brought back to Genshiken room.

Tanaka: It’s about time?

Ouno looks very excited while Kasukabe is pretty anxious.

Ouno: Guys, get out of the room, Saki is going to change!

Guys: OK.

Kasukabe: Please, Kosaka!

Kosaka: Good luck, Saki. And don’t forget we managed to use this room for today. Later!

Kasukabe: No…

Tanaka: Can I leave it to you, Ouno?

Ouno: Roger!

Kasukabe: You guys are never supposed to be filming me, OK?!

Madarame: Oh, yeah? But I think there will be a lot of people filming you.

Kasukabe: Even so, you guys can’t! GOT IT?!

All the guys leave behind only Ouno and Kasukabe in the room.

Ouno: Did you look at all the comics and videos I lent you?

Kasukabe: No way. I wasn’t thinking I was coming all along.

Ouno: Hm, that wasn’t a very nice attitude of cos-player, though…

Kasukabe: Why don’t we stop here, after all?

Ouno: Take off your clothes.

Kasukabe: Damn, you look very healthy…

Anyway, Kasukabe starts getting ready.

Ouno: What’s that?

Kasukabe: It’s my own folding changing room.

Ouno: Why? I’ve shut the curtain in this room?

Kasukabe: Um, I just trying to be cautious.

She knows that the first president of Genshiken may have been peeping this room in the past.


Kasukabe: Now I’ve got to be ready. What the heck! Then, how much should I take off my clothes?

Ouno: Does you bra have shoulder straps?

Kasukabe: Yeah, it’s common one.

Ouno: Then, take it off, too. They shouldn’t be exposed.

Kasukabe: Really…?

Ouno: No worry, I assure you.

Kasukabe: Okay.

Ouno: But you don’t have to take off your panties. Hey, are you done?

Kasukabe: Yeah, I think so.

Ouno: Then, I’ll coming in with you to help you dressed, okay?

Kasukabe: All right.

Ouno: Oh, you haven’t take off yet!

Kasukabe: No bother, I’m doing right now!

Ouno: Your skins look so beautiful…

Kasukabe: What?! Have you acquired old man’s tastes, too?!

Remember Ouno loves old bald men.

Ouno: Sorry, I was being too honest… “ahchoo!”

Kasukabe: Come on, I’d never want to be embarrassed because you forgot to attach some important parts to me. I heard there’d be a lot of camera guys coming, too?

In the mean time, lost of guys with cameras are coming into the event room as she said.

Takayanagi: So, Kasukabe is really coming?

Madarame: That’s right. We’re all surprised, too.

Back to the changing room.

Ouno: Don’t worry, I don’t make any mistakes when it comes to costume-playing.

Kasukabe: I hope so.

Ouno: Then, put on this pantyhose first.

Kasukabe: Hm, hm.

Her changing time has just begun now.

( to be continued )


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