All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP11-9



Kasukabe feels something strange with a man standing in the front row. Soon she finds out that he’s filming the woman’s up-skirt pictures with the hidden camera in his bag. She goes up to him being very upset.

Kasukabe: What are you shooting, man?!

Peeping Tom: I… I’m not…

The next moment, she slaps hard him on the cheek and opens his bag, where she finds a hidden camera inside.

Kasukabe: He was peeping!

As he’s got caught in the act, he can’t deny it any more.

Kitagawa: Who’s in charge of here?

Glassed man: Oh, that’s me, I think!

Kitagawa: We’ll have him under the charge of the executive committee so you keep the event going please.

She and Kasukabe looks at each eyes for a moment.

Kitagawa: Take him out.

One of her guys takes the peeping man out of the room and Kasukabe gets back on the stage again. Everyone in the room is astounded at her dignified manner, which unexpectedly turned out to be the same characteristics of Ritsuko in Kuji-Un.

Kasukabe: Hm?


Then next moment, someone in the crowd starts calling her Kaicho(=Ritsuko) with claps and the rest of all follow after him.

Guys: Ritsuko!!

The room is filled with a full of claps honoring Kasukabe, although she’s the only one who doesn’t understand why they call her so.

Kasukabe: What? Kaicho?

When she gets back to the backstage room, Ouno is so excited to welcome her again.

Ouno: Congratulations, Saki!!

She hugs her tight.

Kasukabe: Stop this, Ouno…

Ouno: That was awesome!!

Kasukabe: You know, I’m not very pleased with being honored by those people…

Apparently, she’s won the contest as she hands the prize over to Ouno.

Ouno: What counts the most is to enjoy yourself wearing the costume. So you did?

Kasukabe: In terms of wearing a dress, I didn’t think very much of it, but, therefore, the fun of costume-playing should be how much you enjoy playing like a comic character.

Ouno: That’s right! You looked just like Kaicho!

Kasukabe: Even so, I didn’t know anything about her – it wasn’t nice of me. I think I should study the character who I played at least. I’ll try the comics you lent me.

Ouno: Yes, definitely!


At the time, there’s a woman coming in.

Woman: Excuse me, you’re Kasukabe, right? I’m from the student council.

Kasukabe: Yeah?

Woman: Can you come to our office? The police is waiting for you there to ask you some questions about that incident.

Kasukabe: OK, I’ll be coming when I change.

Woman: Um, actually he wanted you to come immediately.

Kasukabe: Hey, wait, is it really necessary? Oh, it should be Kitagawa! She’s giving me a difficult time, isn’t she?!

Ouno: Wait, Saki!

Madarame: What?

Genshiken guys are surprised to see her being brought to the student council office through the hallway with the costume. In the end, she was questioned by the police in the costume. The police man was pretty interested in her costume and asked a lot about it rather than about the case itself. Eventually she’s back in the Genshiken room.

Kasukabe: I’ll never… I’ll never do costume-playing again!!

She gets angry and throws the helmet against the floor.

Ouno: Ah!!

She was beginning to understand costume-playing but… unfortunately it didn’t come true anyway…

( to be continued )


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