All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP11-10


The epilogue of episode 11.

She’s in the student council office to have a talk with Kitagawa.

Kasukabe: I don’t care honestly but, as you know I did some great job, so now you may be beginning to think about our penalties again, aren’t you?

Kitagawa: No, they’re whole different things. You have to take your responsibilities for what you’ve done. By the way, the police wanted you to come to their station so they can give you some commendation – but only with that costume!

Kasukabe: Not on your life!


A preview part for the next episode.

Sasahara: It’s not cool being canceled halfway, is it?

Madarame: No way! Have you seen The First(of GUNDAM series), Layzner, Yamato and Triton?!

Sasahara: Um, yes, I have?

Madarame: Despite their wish for one or two year’s long running that was printed in the first plan, with several reasons, let’s say, the audience ratings kept running low or the toys didn’t sell very well, they had to give up their dream and end the story as it was just planned or even with some condensed episodes, then finally they reached the finale. However, there’re no less number of canceled works that called as masterpieces later, better yet, cancelation is a must for the masterpiece! Banzai(= cheers), cancelation!

Sasahara: Banzai!

And their shouting keeps repeating to the end.


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