All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP12-1


Since they were deprived of their club room, they’ve been gathering at their member’s apartments in turns. But Kasukabe knows this is making them feeling gloomy these days. Thinking of that, she is looking down at the dump which was burned by her mistake from the edge of the rooftop.

Kaicho(1st): What’s up? It’s not safe standing there.

He suddenly shows up behind her but she isn’t very surprised this time.

Kasukabe: I was thinking of you coming here soon.

Kaicho: Oh, yeah?

Actually she’s been waiting for him to ask him for advice to change their situation.

Kasukabe: Honestly, I hope you’d have some idea to turn the tables?

Kaicho: What? …Sorry, I don’t. You might have gone too far this time even causing a small fire.

Kasukabe: Um, right…

Kaicho: But what I heard was your club wasn’t getting banned at least.

Kasukabe: That’s nice.

Kaicho: In exchange for some club suspension time and voluntary work during it, I guess.

Kasukabe: Hm…

Kaicho: I thought you’d be glad if Genshiken was banned.

Kasukabe: Um, yeah, maybe that’s right.

She looks at their club room window.

Kasukabe: They seems to be tired of hanging out in their apartments these days and they don’t look very happy. I don’t feel it is like them.

Kaicho: I don’t think you’ve got to take all responsibilities. They aren’t blaming you that much, either, are they?

Kasukabe: Maybe, yes. But, even so…

Several days later, they received an official announcement to Genshiken.

( to be continued )


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