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Genshiken EP12-2


Sasahara: Several days later, we received an official announcement to Genshiken. One-month prohibition of club activities and the use of club room from the day announced. And plus, voluntary activities for 100 hours in total of us during the time. We won’t be able to go in our club room unless there’s an especially urgent need, so we had to take some of important stuff out of the room.

They’re all coming in Genshiken room today.

Sasahara: Why don’t we take this in somebody’s place?

He points at a video game console on the table.

Tanaka: Good idea. We could enjoy it for New Year’s Eve. Don’t forget to take the stick controls and the softwares, too.

They’re all being busy with each stuff but Kasukabe is doing nothing.

Sasahara: How’s like doing volunteer?

Madarame: No idea. Maybe some welfare work or helping city events. There should be a lot of work during the holiday season.

Sasahara: Yeah, I got it.

Madarame: What a pain I can’t put aside enough time for the holiday bargain – thanks to someone!!

Sasahara: There, there.

He didn’t mean to criticize Kasukabe seriously but it did hurt her and in the end, she starts crying in silence.

Ouno: Oh, Saki, what’s the matter? Are you all right?

They’re all shocked at the sight, especially for Madarame.

Madarame: M… me? Is it… me?

Tanaka: Sure, you did it!

Madarame: Is she really crying? Not tearful entreaties?

Sasahara: Yes, she is!


While they don’t know what to do, Kosaka walks up and hugs her gently.

Kosaka: I’m sorry I couldn’t realize it.

She keeps crying hard in his arms.

Madarame: I’ll leave it to you, Kosaka. Let’s get out of here, guys, quick!

They’re too embarrassed to stay in the same room, but they start to be worried about other thing when they out.

Sasahara: It’s not a good idea to let them alone in the room, is it?

Madarame: What?!

Tanaka: Yes, he’s right. We don’t know what’d happen to them under such circumstances.

Kugayama: Only you’ve got the key, Madarame.

Tanaka: It was you made her crying, after all!

Madarame: Hey, wait…

Sasahara: Hurry up! If you’re late, you’d be difficult to go in. Be like the president!

Madarame: Oh, give me a break!

They all push him back into the room in the end.

( to be continued )


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