All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP12-3


Madarame has to go back into their club room so he can make sure there’s no trouble between Kasukabe and Kosaka. But he’s pretty awkward at the situation that she’s still clinging to Kosaka sitting on his lap.

Kasukabe: These days…

Kosaka: Yes?

Kasukabe: I can’t smoke a cigarette…

Kosaka: A cigarette?

Kasukabe: Rather than a cigarette, I’ve been scared of flame and have even dreamed of it many times!

Madarame: Oh, that’s fine. Cigarette isn’t good for your health, after all.

He can’t stand the tension in the room so he tries to be a little funny, but there’s no reaction to his remark from her.

Madarame: ( It looks like I’ve missed the point… )

Kosaka: Oh, dear. You must have been very scared, haven’t you? Don’t worry. You’re totally all right now.

He comforts her in his arms, which makes Madarame even more embarrassed.

Kasukabe: Thinking back of that, I dropped my cigarette since Madarame surprised me…

Madarame: Yeah, yeah, it was my fault, right?!

Kasukabe: I know it was my fault so I even did costume-playing but you’re still giving me a difficult time…

Madarame: All right, I was wrong and I won’t bring it up again!

But he soon regrets of not being nice to her.

Madarame: ( Damn, I’m such a bummer! )

Kosaka: Listen, Saki, I think you made the right decision to do costume-playing. It turned out to be our appeal to other clubs rather than just penalties to us, which eased the criticism against us.

Madarame: Yeah, he’s right. I realized that their view of us has slightly changed since then. I heard the video that Manken had taken of you now became quite poplar underground.

Kasukabe: Ugh…

It’s definitely another bad news for her.

Kosaka: “Laughter” So, you’ve sure made the path for us to come back, even though it may take a while. And the reason why we make fun of you is… we all love you.

Madarame is too embarrassed to hold a large noise coming out of his mouth.

Kosaka: Hm?

Madarame: Um, you know, I was just embarrassed at your words…


She’s stopped crying already when she’s off from his lap.

Kasukabe: I’m going to the bathroom.

Kosaka: OK.

She walks out of the room.

Madarame: Thinking of that, I haven’t seen her smoking a cigarette recently.

Kosaka: I know. She hasn’t smelled of a cigarette, either.

Madarame: It was like an another unexpected picture of her, right?

Kosaka: I’m not so surprised as you say but it is sometimes hard to find out.

Kasukabe goes passing by other Genshiken member waiting outside the room.

Ouno: Hey, Saki…

Kasukabe: Hold on, I need fixing my makeup first.

Anyway, it seems to have worked out that they had Madarame go back into the room with them.

( to be continued )


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