All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP12-4


After then, Madarame and Kasukabe visit the student council office to return the key to their club room.

Madarame: Here’s the key.

Kitagawa: OK. I’ll keep it for you and here’s your volunteer schedule.

Madarame: Thanks.

Kasukabe: I’m sorry about all the trouble.

Kitagawa: You should apologize to your friends, not to me.

Kasukabe: Yeah, that’s right…

Kitagawa: Keep it up, man.

Kasukabe: What’s that?

She’s a little surprised since she didn’t expect Kitagawa to cheer her up.

Kitagawa: Nothing.

The other member has been waiting for them nearby.

Tanaka: Hey, there they’re.

Sasahara: Have you done?

Madarame: Yeah, thanks all.

It’s been already dark and even started snowing when they’re out.

Madarame: Let’s call it a day here?

Kosaka: Sure?

Madarame: Hm, hm.

Kosaka: All right. I think Saki needs to unwind a bit more, too. See you, then.

Saying good bye to them, Madarame sees off Kasukabe and Kosaka with a mixed feeling.

Madarame: Now then, why don’t we go for some meal?

Sasahara: Good idea. It should be a wrap up party in a way.

Madarame: So, where do you guys want to go?

Sasahara: How about Niku Don (=Beef bowl) at Handei?

Tanaka: Kyabe Cha (=Cabbage and roast pork) at Sokutsuya?

Ouno: I prefer Chil-Chil‘s Kiev Cutlet myself!

Kugayama: And how about singing a song?

Madarame: No, we won’t do that.

Kugayama: Oh, come on…

They know if they go to Karaoke, he wouldn’t release a microphone from his hand.

( to be continued )


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