All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP12-5


The next day, they’re all upset to find out the details of their volunteer schedule they were given yesterday.

Madarame: I can’t believe!

Kugayama: This sucks!

Tanaka: Oh, no! My Comi-Fes is all died out!

Ouno: Same here. All three days!

Comi-Fes is the event held two times a year, in summer and winter, which they’re all anticipating throughout the year, so they’re all freaking out they can’t go there.

Madarame: Wait, there’s the only one who isn’t occupied on 30th.

They look at the schedule carefully again then turn their faces to Kasukabe.

Kasukabe: Um… You wouldn’t try to give me another punishment, right?

Madarame: No, I’m just begging a favor of you…

Kasukabe: No!

Sasahara: But, even if she went there for us, she’d probably just get the copies by major circles and, in that case, we can also buy the same copies at dojinshi stores later day, right?

Madarame: No, there could be some limited editions only at Comi-Fes! We’ll never know unless we’re in the place!

Kasukabe: To be precise, it’s not your goal getting dojinshi but using them for yourselves later, right?

Guys are all embarrassed at her harsh remark.

Kasukabe: Then, how can you let me go on such errands?

Sasahara: You’ve got me there…

Madarame takes off his glasses slowly and passes it to Sasahara.

Madarame: As you understand us that much, I can make it done quickly.

Tanaka: Hey, he’s saying something, again.

Sasahara: “Laughter”

Madarame: Now I dare to address!

Kasukabe: Why are you always so theatric?

Madarame: How am I going to be killing time during the New Year vacation without those latest copies of Fuyu-Comi(=winter Comi-Fes). I mean, the time should have been spent for xxx! In short, I was supposed to be enjoying nothing but xxx(beating off)!!

Finishing his address, he stands still with his eyes closed to get ready for something. But even some moments later there’s nothing happened to him. As he slightly opens his eyes, he gets a strong blow into his face by Kasukabe and he’s blown away three meters.

Kugayama: Knuckles…

Tanaka: She used the knuckles…

Sasahara: And her arm seemed stretched…

They’re all terrified at her.

Kasukabe: This is the last volunteer for you, OK!?

Madarame looks up at her on his last legs.

Kasukabe: Shit, I do!


On December 30, there’s a pair of women at Comi-Fes, who’s pushing their way through the crowd in order to get dojinshi for their friends. They’re Kasukabe and Keiko, a sister of Sasahara. Somehow Kasukabe succeeded in taking her along. In the meantime, the rest of Genshiken are working at each place. Sasahara and Madarame are picking up litter in the park. Ouno is working as an receptionist for some conference because she can speak English fluently. Kugayama and Tanaka are helping setting up some event. Kosaka is helping seniors at a nursing home, while Kasukabe and Keiko are rushing around in the crowd at Comi-Fes

Anyway, the year comes to an end like this.

( to be continued )


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