All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP12-6


After the New Year, Genshiken is happily back to work again, so they’re all getting together in the club room today.

Madarame: Ugh… this is the 1st summarizing meeting of Kuji-Un animation, claps!

Sasahara: Hey, wasn’t it supposed to be the New Year party as well as to celebrate Genshiken on coming back?

Madarame: Actually, it’s been ages for us to come back here! All sorts of volunteer, forced labor, no-paid work, slavery!

Kasukabe: Hey, stop speaking like I just went out for getting dojinshi! I did work at a childcare center as well.

Madarame: Yeah, I know. So, we’ve had enough for that kind of stories, right?

Then, they start watching Kuji-Un on the TV. In this episode, they look more serious than ever and they’re waiting for someone to come back under the snowing weather.

Chihiro: Um, hey, Tokino!

He finds her standing under a tree.

Izumi: Tokino!

Chihiro: Come back, Tokino! We’ll be waiting for you!

But she wouldn’t move.

Chihiro: Now!

Tokino: Tell me what are you seeing from there?

Chihiro: The view from here should be… what we’ve never seen before!!

With his answer, Tokino is running back to her friends with a smile.

Madarame: Oh, this is it! I just wanted to watch this in the high quality!

Sasahara: I know, they postponed releasing it again and again and, in the end, it was said that it’d never come out.

Tanaka: This got me change my recognition to the director Yamabata!

Kugayama: In these days, only artistic directors tend to get more attention.

Kosaka: Like Aizawa or Seki.

Madarame: Yeah, right. They’ve been given a little too much credit and I’m pretty bored with their obvious plots.

Tanaka: You said it.

Madarame: We’ve got to appreciate to this kind of director who’s up to negotiations!

Kasukabe: They’re pretty as usual, eh?

Ouno: Yeah, they are.

But she seems to be comfortable with this feelings in a way.

Madarame: Um, can I have a minute? I have something to talk to you here.

As he turns the TV off, he’s suddenly going to break something to them.

( to be continued )


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