All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP12-7


He breaks something to his friends when they finish watching Kuji-Un.

Madarame: I’ve got something to talk to you, guys.

Tanaka: Hm?

Sasahara: What is that?

Madarame: Well… um, what can I say…

They’re all wondering what he’s about to say.

Madarame: Can I retire from the president?

And they get even more puzzled.

Tanaka: It’s out of the blue, eh?

Madarame: Well, I thought it was the good time for me to do so.

Sasahara: Oh, I’m not sure.

Kasukabe: Right. Be honest and say that you got tired because of a lot of trouble someone had made!

She is being sarcastic to herself.

Madarame: Oh, that’s not true! I hesitated to bring it up because I was afraid of you taking it that wrong way. And plus, I have to start job hunting this year.

Guys: Job hunting?!

They’re all surprised because they can hardly associate the word with him.

Madarame: Don’t be harmonized, guys! So, I thought it was a good time. It’s January already and it isn’t too fast for starting job hunting, after all?

Tanaka: I can see.

Madarame: And I’m thinking of passing the position to… Sasahara.

Sasahara: Oh, what?!

Although he’s only freaking out, the other member don’t look so surprised by the decision.

Sasahara: But, why me?! It isn’t like me!

Madarame: Actually, you don’t look like you’ve ever had an experience of the president.

Sasahara: No, never!

Madarame: But, among these guys, you’re the best possible person who’s most likely to be working as a standard Otaku. Actually, one of them are not even an Otaku, you know.

He looks at the faces of Kosaka, Ouno and Kasukabe.

Kasukabe: That’s OK. The last president was also decided by eliminating one by one. It’s a kind of tradition, right?

Kugayama: Some tradition it is.

Tanaka: Now what? We had a certification from Kasukabe.

Madarame: OK.

So, surprisingly enough, Sasahara suddenly became the new president of Genshiken.

( to be continued )


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