All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP12-8


Madarame changes places with Sasahara.

Tanaka: Then, the new president, can you make your first speech please?

They welcome him with claps.

Sasahara: Oh, um, all right. As I became the president of this club…

Guys: “Laughter”

Kasukabe: He sounds pretty like Madarame!

Madarame: Shut up!

Sasahara: I want to take part in Comi-Fes as a circle at least!

In spite of his hopeful idea, many of them look shocked at it.

Sasahara: Oh?

Kugayama: Ah, you said it…

Tanaka: I don’t know.

Sasahara: What’s this?

Kasukabe: What does “as an circle” mean?

Ouno: We make and sell our own dojinshi at Comi-Fes.

Madarame: Are you sure? You can’t take back your words after you make such an address.

Sasahara: Oh, really?!

Madarame: To make sure, are you publishing it as a Gaku-Man?

Kasukabe: What’s Gaku-Man?

Ouno: A comic book made by a Manken(= comic club ).

Madarame: And what’s your vision of the work? Are you thinking of some kind of parody?

Sasahara: Um, the work I’m planning is…

He slowly looks around to see a poster of Kuji-Un, which makes other guys even shivering.

Sasahara: Once I made up my mind, I’d like to go with an offset dojinshi of Kuji-Un for male!

Guys: Oh, no!!

Kasukabe: What’s for male?

She tries to make fun of Ouno.

Ouno: Um, well…

Kasukabe: All right. I got it.

So, having the new Kaicho(=president), Genshiken starts working for the next summer Comi-Fes.

( to be continued )


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