All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP12-9


Under the decision of the new president, Genshiken has started the New Year with the new mission that they’re joining Comi-Fes as a seller. One day, Kasukabe is buying a drink at vending machines, where Kitagawa is just out of her office and talks to Kasukabe.

Kasukabe: Yes?

Kitagawa: Are you on your own?

Kasukabe: I’m waiting for someone.

Kitagawa: Hm hm. Hey, you worked so hard.

Kasukabe: What’s that?

Kitagawa: This and that and… that club really suits you.

She walks away saying so to Kasukabe, which she doesn’t feel so bad with.

From the rooftop, the first Kaicho is happy to see Genshiken changing.

In the club room, Sasahara is just filling in an application form for Comi-Fes.

Madarame: It’s Kugayama’s picture, right? Why not Yamada?

He refers the small picture attached to the form. It’s Kuji-Un’s Kaicho, not Yamada.

Sasahara: You know, it’s my taste but we haven’t actually decided yet which character to go with.

Then Kasukabe’s back to the room.

Kasukabe: Hi, guys. What’s that?

Sasahara: An application form to Comi-Fes.

Kasukabe: Hm, hm.

Madarame: If we had a good luck, do you want to join as a clerk?

Kasukabe: What? Sounds a little fun but I won’t anyway.

Madarame: Why not?

Kasukabe: If I did, I’d be pinching the edge of the money from customers as if it was garbage.

Guys: “Laughters”

Madarame: Honestly, I didn’t think you’d really apply for this.

The first Kaicho is still watching his fellows from the rooftop. He finds Tanaka and Ouno walking together, where they meet Kugayama and eventually Kosaka, too.

Sasahara: You know, I had some vague wish which suddenly became real after I slipped it out. I may have wanted to do this, after all.

The first president seems really satisfied with the club changing.

Sasahara: Come to think of it, what made me involved with Genshiken was dojinshi as well.

Madarame: I know, that surprising trick, from which we’ve grown up to be applying for Comi-Fes now.

Sasahara: I’m not sure if we’re going up or down.

Madarame: You know, it’s sure descending! “laughter”

Sasahara: By the way, I just remembered I got first punched by Kasukabe at that time.

Kasukabe: Oh, sweet! You have such a good memory, eh? Sorry! I shouldn’t have hit anyone I haven’t met before!

Sasahara: That’s OK. I feel as if it’s been my fate – from joining Genshiken to becoming the president and even applying for Comi-Fes now. So why not going ahead as far as I can!

Both Madarame and Kasukabe are listening to him.

Sasahara: Hey, I was wondering how we should fill in the circle name?

Madarame: Hm, it wouldn’t be good as Gendai Shikaku Bunka Kenkyu Kai.

Sasahara: Of course not. We’re just going with “men’s”.

Madarame: The abbreviated name doesn’t work, neither?

Sasahara: Not so bad, not so good.

Madarame: Then, let’s make up some weird one.

Kasukabe: How about Genshiken in hiragana?

Sasahara: Oh, sounds good.

Madarame: It sounds a kind of mysterious, too.

Then other member come back to the room.

Kosaka: Hello.

Tanaka: Hi, guys.

Madarame: Oh, we’ve just had a new legend born here!

Tanaka: What are you talking about?

He shows them their circle name on the paper.

They’re all impressed by it.

Madarame: Kasukabe named it!

Guys: “Claps!”

Kasukabe: Oh, it’s a weird feeling…

Tanaka: Good name.

Kugayama: You have a sense.

Kasukabe: Um, actually I’m not very happy that I’m good at this field.

Madarame: Oh, come on, sweet!

Kasukabe: Do you want another punch?

Ouno: By the way, I’ve got something to show you!

Madarame: Let me see… oh, it’s great! Who’s the modeler of this?

Kugayama: M, M, Manta from the March issue.

Madarame: Hm, I see!

Kosaka: It’s been already out? I think it was the early of the month.

Anyway, their Otaku campus life seems to be still going for long.


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