All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP13



“I’m Ogiue. I hate Otaku”

Sasahara: How fast one year has passed.

Madarame: What?

Sasahara: You know, the time of year when we welcome new students has come again.

Madarame: Oh, it’s been a year!

Sasahara: I wonder if new member join us this year.

Madarame: I’m not sure about it. You know, last year, Kasukabe actually turned them down all.

Sasahara: Ugh, yes…

( The last year conversation )

Kasukabe: What can I say? I’ve got no name to tell Otaku and, of course, I don’t have any thoughts to welcome you, either.

She was being very short with newcomers to Genshiken at the welcoming party.

( Back to the present )

Sasahara and Madarame: “Laughter”

Madarame: I think Kasukabe has become a little moderate.

Sasahara: Oh, yeah?

Madarame: Don’t you think so?

Sasahara is putting on a new Kuji-Un’s poster on the window.

Madarame: A bit upper right, okay. Hey, how do you think of Kuji-Un, the 2nd season?

Sasahara: Yeah, I didn’t actually expected the sequel, so it’s all right just as it is.

Madarame: I know. I just hope it to be fine without any trouble in this season.

Sasahara: Actually, animation helps you get mature.

Madarame: What kind of adult, eh?

Sasahara: Is this Kugayama’s?

He takes up the old Kuji-Un poster.

Madarame: Well, I think so.

Sasahara: I think I should return it to him but I haven’t seen him for a while.

Madarame: I guess he’s busy at job hunting and there should be some expectation by his parents, too.

Sasahara: Hm, I heard Tanaka has been to Nippori with Ouno.

Nippori is the city of clothing wholesales, where they get fabric for costume-playing.

Madarame: Sounds like he’s going easy.

Sasahara: You know, they’re always together, aren’t they?

Madarame: They’re both costume-players, after all.

Sasahara: So, how’s your job hunting going?

Madarame: Me? Hmm…

Then someone appears through the door.

( to be continued )



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