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Genshiken EP13-1


They find someone watching them by the door.

Madarame: What’s that?

Kuchiki: Hello.

He pokes his head out.

Sasahara: Hello…

Madarame: You must be Kuchiki, right? I heard you joined Aniken (=Anime club).

Kuchiki: Actually, I’ve done hard training there.

Madarame: Training? For what?

Kuchiki: For fighting games.

Last year, Kasukabe used a fighting game as a test for Genshiken. If new member won Kosaka, they could join the club. However Kosaka was too strong for them to beat so no one joined Genshiken after all.

Madarame: Hey, can you win him?

Sasahara: You know, I’ll just buy time until Kosaka appears, then I’ll ask him to beat up.

But, soon after they start the match, Sasahara gets the feeling that Kuchiki isn’t very strong and he eventually wins the match.

Sasahara: You don’t seem to have progressed a lot. Have you really trained hard?

Kuchiki: That was a lie.

Madarame: Huh?

Then, Kasukabe and Kosaka arrive the room.

Kasukabe: Oh, that is Kuchie. What are you doing here?

Suddenly, he becomes so happy.

Kuchiki: Yes, yes!! No one in Aniken called me Kuchie! I’m so happy!

Kasukabe: That’s good.

Kuchiki: No one understands me!

Kasukabe: Hey, what is this guy doing here?

Madarame: We have no idea, either.

Kuchiki: All right, I’ll explain it briefly, simply, plainly and basically. Miss Kasukabe, who’s the only one to call me Kuchie, which is the nickname I most recommend, is leading this club, Gendai Shikaku Bunka Kenkyu Kai and I’d like to move to this club for unlimited term.

Kasukabe: You don’t make any sense to me.

Kuchiki: Ugh, your nice blow! This is what I just expected!

She’s getting tired of him.

Sasahara: In short, you want to join our club, right?

Kuchiki: Exactly…

Kasukabe: No!

Kuchiki: Grrrr!!!!

He suddenly goes wild and tries to threaten her like a bear, however it doesn’t success.

Kasukabe: Hey, what’s up, man? Gone mad? Wanna hit me? I’ll kick you out anyway, though.

Then he becomes so embarrassed.

Kuchiki: I’m sorry. Please let me join Genshiken…

Kasukabe: Why didn’t you say so first? OK.

Guys: What!?

They’re all surprised at her answer as well as Kuchiki.

Kuchiki: Whoopee!!

Madarame: Are you sure?

Kasukabe: Why?

Madarame: Um, has she actually become mild?

Sasahara: I guess she just got used to it…

Kikuchi is still making large noise to express his pleasure.

Kasukabe: Be quiet!

Unexpectedly they got a new member to Genshiken, however they didn’t know yet they’d have to welcome another one more.

( to be continued )


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