All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP13-2


With a new member, they’re enjoying each slow time in Genshiken room.

Kuchiki: Come on, man! Take this! Boom!!

He’s playing with toys by himself, which no one cares about anymore.

Kasukabe: It’s a fine day.

Madarame: Do you actually like spring?

Kasukabe: Yeah, but why do you ask?

Madarame: Because Kasukabe(春日部) can read Haru-hi-be as well.

“Haru” means spring in Japanese, so he tried to make a joke but didn’t succeed.

Kuchiki: Your attack does nothing to me! Oh, no!!

Suddenly large noise hears from the other side building.

Kasukabe: What?

She looks out of the window.

Madarame: What’s the matter?

Kasukabe: I can’t see it but someone’s making noise on the opposite 2nd floor.

Madarame: Um, there must be Manken’s room… ah!

Kasukabe: Hey, what’s that?!

A woman comes out and then she jumps off from the window.

Guys: OMG!!

Madarame: She fell!

Sasahara: Really?

Madarame: No, she jumped off?

Kasukabe: But why?!

The woman isn’t hurt seriously but she can’t move on the ground.

Kasukabe: I’m too worried about her. Should I call her an ambulance?

Madarame: Um, I suppose they can take it under the control by themselves…

As he said, the ambulance arrived there soon after that.

( to be continued )


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