All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP13-3


A few days later, the president of Manken named Takayanagi is coming to Genshiken to explain what happened in his club.

Takayanagi: I guess you’ve already heard of that one of our newcomers got into trouble with the female member of us.

Genshiken: Ah…

Takayanagi: I’m very ashamed and also afraid it’s too much to ask you, but could you take her in Genshiken?

Madarame: Hm, I’m not sure.

Sasahara: Which side was to blame for the trouble?

Takayanagi: (After a long thought) The newbie was 90% wrong, I guess.

Madarame: Are you trying to pawn such a person off to us?

Takayanagi: Nevertheless she wanted to be in this kind of club at least. Genshiken is a nice and little club and everyone seems to be happy each other, so…

Madarame: In fact, we’ve got our own business, too.

Sasahara: Oh, yeah?

Madarame: And, if we take her in, wouldn’t your female member get upset with us?

Takayanagi: I don’t believe so.

Kasukabe: Why? Do you know how scary women’s grudges are?

Takayanagi: To be honest, you Genshiken ladies have already been hated by them, so it wouldn’t be the matter with the one more being added.

Ouno: That couldn’t be true, aside from Saki.

Kasukabe: You’ve got the great nerve, eh, Ouno? All right, we could have a chance of meeting her at least. Also, Takayanagi seems to be in a tough position.

Takayanagi: Oh, you’ve got right, thanks!

Kasukabe: I know how you’re feeling being caught between women, right?

Takayanagi: Yeah, really!

Madarame: Hm, if Kasukabe says so…

Takayanagi: Then, I’ll introduce her now.

Madarame: Now??

So, they’re suddenly meeting the woman who sounds like a trouble maker.

( to be continued )


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