All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP13-4


Takayanagi, the chief of Manken, introduces a woman who caused a trouble in his club to Genshiken. She’s slinging the left arm and there’s no smile on her face.

Sasahara: A bandaged girl?

Tanaka: Maybe a blunt character?

Madarame: She’s making herself up, isn’t she?

Otaku tend to classify a person in some categories of animation characters.

Kasukabe: Hm, she’s rather petite than I thought.

Takayanagi: All right, why don’t you introduce yourself to them?

Ogiue: Yes. I’m Ogiue. I hate Otaku.

They’re all confused at her unusual greeting.

Ogiue: Especially I hate female Otaku.

Takayanagi: As you can see, it’s her own way…

But she doesn’t stop it.

Ogiue: Why do you like gays that much?

The room is filled with weird feelings.

Kasukabe: Hey, I don’t know what happened at Manken but aren’t you going too far? You should be Otaku, too, after all?

Ogiue: And so you are.

All of them are frozen at her daredevil replying because they know it should get Kasukabe angry.

Madarame: Calm down, Kasukabe!

Kasukabe: Yeah, yeah, I know, I’ve been rather mellowed! Listen, there’s my boyfriend here.

Ogiue: Oh…

Kosaka waves to her.

Kasukabe: He’s the only reason I’m coming here so I’m never Otaku, you see?

Ogiue: You aren’t Otaku…?

Kasukabe: Hey, Ouno, you should tell her something, too!

Ouno: Oh, s… sure… (after taking a deep breath) There’s no woman who doesn’t like gays!

They all become more awkward by her words.

Kasukabe: Does that include me, too?

Ouno: Of course, yes!

In retrospect, it was the moment when Ouno and Ogiue started clashing each other.


( to be continued )


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