All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP13-5



Ogiue introduced herself to Genshiken but, as they worried, she turned out to be a little difficult woman.

Kasukabe: So, is this how she ended up jumping out of Manken, Takayanagi?

Takayanagi: Well, I think so.

She looks at her slung left arm.

Kasukabe: But didn’t you need to jump off, did you? That just meant you surrendered.

Being taken a point by her, Ogiue takes a “so-what” attitude.

Ogiue: I just insinuated to them.

Kasukabe: Oh, girl. Your that foolishness just makes you look like Otaku before talking about gays and those favorites!

Ogiue can’t talk back to her.

Kasukabe: Won’t you join a club so you could find some friends, after all? Check yourself out first!

Ogiue: Wha…

Kuchiki: There, there, both the seniors and the freshman. Why don’t we go with Japanese cozy style and let any little things go? Nothing, let’s say this together biting the lips, nothing! Sorry about my funny pronunciation!

He just tried to feel them happier but failed.

Ogiue: He’s crazy.

With her harsh remark, he tries to scare her like a bear in return, however it doesn’t work, again.

Madarame: He did again?!

Ogiue stares back at him.

Kasukabe: Hm.

Tanaka: Oh, he stopped.

Madarame: Rather her glare worked?

Kasukabe: Hey, she’s got nice guts…

But then, Kuchiki suddenly hits her head.

Guys: Ah!

Kasukabe: What are you doing?!

She gets very upset and smashes him on the face, whose body’s blown against the wall.

Kasukabe: Get him a hot iron! This stupid guy hit a woman!

She turns to Ogiue and strokes the head gently because she’s a little crying already.

Sasahara: A hot iron…?

Madarame: How to give him that?

Ouno: He seems he’s got enough already…

Anyway, it was the debut of Ogiue at Genshiken.

( to be continued )


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