All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP13-6


One day, Ogiue finds no one in Genshiken room when she comes there. But there’s someone who’s watching her through binoculars from some other room – it’s Ouno with some of Genshiken guys.

Madarame: No matter how you put it, that doesn’t look natural, does that?

In Genshiken room, lots of gay dojinshi are put on the table so they can see how Ogiue reacts to them. As you may know, it’s their traditional welcome trick for the new member.

Ouno: No, we must do this so we can debunk her. Oh, she’s searching outside, phew!

She hides behind the curtain quickly so she wouldn’t be found by Ogiue.

Madarame: See? It’s suspicious.

Ouno: She can’t find us anyway.

Saying so, she puts on a mask to disguise herself.

Tanaka: Um, yeah…

Ouno: Today, Saki is going out with Kosaka. Kugayama is out for job hunting, and Kuchiki has gone for Akihabara, so it’s the best possible time for us.

She giggles like a little trickster.

Madarame: What do you say, Tanaka?

Tanaka: Um, you know…

Sasahara: Did the Black Ouno descend here?

Ouno: Oh, she started putting them away!

Madarame: No wonder.

Ogiue is putting away the gay dojinshi on the table, but she stops for a moment when she takes a copy of basketball players’ one.

Ogiue: Huh.


Since she’s been alone with the dojinshi for a while, she’s getting interested in them more and more and then, she’s finally going to take one of them.

Kasukabe: Hello.

Suddenly she comes into the room. Ogiue is quite surprised and stops just in time.

Ouno: Oh?

Kasukabe: Have you been by yourself?

Ogiue: …Yes.

Ouno: Why did Saki come?

Madarame: What? Oh, there she is.

Ouno: What’s up with your date! It was just getting interesting!

Kasukabe: I got back here since Kosaka wanted to go see Akihabara. We had a good lunch, though, so it was okay.

Ogiue: I feel sorry for you going out with Otaku.

Kasukabe: Nah, Otaku isn’t the matter. Hey, what’s this? It looks like…

She finds numbers of gay dojinshi on the table.

( to be continued )


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