All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP13-7


Kasukabe takes and looks at one of gay dojinshi on the table.

Kasukabe: Ugh, just I thought. Is it yours, Ogiue?

Ogiue: No, they had been already displayed on the table when I arrived.

Kasukabe: Then, it should be Ouno’s. But why did she bring in such a lot?

Ogiue: Maybe some harassment.

Kasukabe: Oh, silly. Then, do you want to make it clear?

Ogiue: Huh?

In the mean time, Ouno is still watching them from another room.

Ouno: I wonder what they’re talking about?

Madarame: We can’t hear their voices, unfortunately.

Ouno: Oh, Saki is making a phone call.

Just then, her cellphone starts ringing in the bag.

Ouno: Is it me? Oh, it’s from Saki. What should I do!

She gets panicked with a sudden call and happens to answer it.

Ouno: Hello?

Guys: Ah.

Kasukabe: It’s me, Kasukabe. Do you have a minute?

Ouno: Um, well, yes, I think so…

Kasukabe: Where are you now? In the club building?

Ouno: Um, yeah, I think I could say so…

Kasukabe: What? Are you kidding? Where?

Ouno: Um… in the bathroom…

Guys are pretty surprised at her strange answer.

Kasukabe: Oh, I’m sorry about hearing that.

Ouno: It’s okay…

Kasukabe: A quick question. I’m in the club room and there’s a lot of gay dojinshi. Are they all yours?

Ouno: …Yes, right…

Kasukabe: I see. That’s all, thanks.

Ouno: Bye…

She hangs up the cellphone.

Ouno: Now she’d be suspicious of me if I won’t get back soon…

Madarame: You don’t have to say that much…

With the sudden appearance of Kasukabe, her trick ends all too soon.

( to be continued )


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