All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP13-8


On the other hand, Kasukabe is flipping through a gay dojinshi. There’re two handsome men kissing each other.

Kasukabe: What’s the heck. This one is even getting characters from some foreign movie, a pretty normal one, which I saw, too. But I wonder how come it is so different the way of seeing the same movie between the authors of these books and me? I didn’t think like this at all.

Borrowing some male characters from some other creations and putting them together in a romantic way is called “coupling” in this genre.

Ogiue: So, those kinds of people are all crazy.

Kasukabe: Hey, you know, male otaku get themselves porn dojinshi for a clear purpose, right? Then, do female otaku “beep sounds” looking at this as well?

Ogiue: I don’t know!

She’s so embarrassed by the question.

Kasukabe: Geez, I don’t turn on looking at this at all. But seeing how strong you hate them, you must have read some of them, too, Ogiue? Otherwise you can’t criticize them, right?

Ogiue: Are you tying a leading question?

Kasukabe: “Laughter” but isn’t it right?

Ogiue: A friend of mine showed me first when I was in 5th grade…

Kasukabe: Oh, what the hell… So, was that your trauma?

Ogiue: Yes, I think so.

Kasukabe: That sucks, really sucks.

In the other room, Ouno is getting so frustrated that she even starts crying.

Ouno: What in the world are they talking about?!

Madarame: No idea.

Ouno: Can’t we wire tap them or something?

Madarame: No, we can’t.

Ouno: All right, I gave up.

Madarame: Sure?

Ouno: The trick failed so there’s no point in watching them here. Please get back to our room in a different time.

Picking up her bag, she walks out for Genshiken room.

Madarame: OK.

After she’s gone, they’re all interested in Tanaka.

Madarame: So, how do you like that way of Ouno?

Tanaka: If you ask me that, I’d rather say all right…

Madarame: Oh, what a trouble.

He seems to like Ouno anyway.

( to be continued )


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