All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP13-9


In Genshiken room, Kasukabe is still having a small talk with Ogiue.

Kasukabe: I see you dislike gays, then what do you like? Some animation?

Ogiue: Um, yes, I also play video games.

Kasukabe: Hm, hm. But haven’t there been less women who actually played vide games? Hardly anyone of my female friends were playing video games, although guys were doing even not being otaku.

Ogiue: I don’t know.

Then Ouno has been back.

Ouno: Hello.

Kasukabe: Hi, Ouno. You took long. Are you being constipated now?

Ouno: Don’t say such a thing even only women in here!

Kasukabe: Oh, yeah? We had much more nasty talk back in girl’s school.

Until then, Ogiue wouldn’t see Ouno’s eyes not even saying hello to her. Kasukabe feels some tension from them.

Kasukabe: You know, I just heard Ogiue hates gays since she had some trauma about that.

Ogiue: Don’t tell her. I don’t want her to know anything.

Ouno: Don’t tell me. I don’t want to know anything.

They’re both being offensive each other. From another room, Madarame is watching them.

Madarame: They seem in a bad mood already.

Tanaka: Is it time for us to get back, too?

Sasahara: Yeah, as much natural as we can.

Back in Genshiken room, Ouno is giving back to Ogiue.

Ouno: Oh, yeah? Did you get a trauma just having Yaoi-bon (an alt name for gay dojinshi) in 5th grade? I can’t take it soon. You know, back in the United States, there were some girls who already had done “beep sounds” at the same age!

Kasukabe: Even only women in here, don’t say such a thing, neither speak to me!

Ouno: On the contrary, doesn’t is sound more natural that she got hooked on them at that time?

Ogiue: You’re so dirty! Don’t push your own value to me!

But saying so, she doesn’t seem very confident of herself.

Ouno: Oh, I happened to hit her spot! She’s trying to be evasive.

Between them, Kasukabe is getting tired.

Ouno: After all, she’s kept being otaku until today, so how could it be her trauma?

Kasukabe: Just I told you, don’t speak to me that.

Ouno: Isn’t it rather dirty who’s sticking to a transparent lie? Listen, Saki, this kind of people do like…


Ogiue: Who is dirtier?! Your kind does “beep sounds” using like this!

She finally blows up taking a copy of basketball gay dojinshi.

Ouno: What?!

Kasukabe: Geez, I said to you not even women in here…

Ouno: No kidding, this is what I do “beep sounds”!

In return, she takes another copy of gay dojinshi shouting to Ogiue. She loves bold men by the way. Anyway being sandwiched between them, Kasukabe is getting quite difficult to be there.

Kasukabe: ( Someone help me! )

Just then someone comes in as she wished.

Kuchiki: Hi, everybody! Oh, did the meeting finish already?

Then, Kasukabe collapses on the table with despair.

( to be continued )


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