All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP13-10


Kasukabe despaired of Kuchiki arriving at her emergency, however, unexpectedly, he started breaking the situation.

Kuchiki: Hi, Ogichin. You’re here at the right time.

Ogiue: Ogichin?

It seems her nickname he named.

Kuchiki: Ogichin, you went to Tosanbou last Sunday, didn’t you?

Tosanbou is the short name for Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial trade center.

Ogiue: W… what?!

Her look on her face suddenly changes.

Kuchiki: You know, I happened to be there for another event, too.

Kasukabe and Ouno: Hmm?

He takes something out of his backpack and shows it to them.

Kuchiki: Ta-da! It’s a picture of Ogichin who was entering the event of only Scrum Dunk’s “Mitsu-Gure” books! Here, I took her movie, too.

He shows a picture of Ogiue he took with his cellphone.

Kasukabe: What’s that? A kind of otaku event?

Kuchiki: Yes, that’s right! It’s a Yaoi-only event!

Kasukabe: And is it a peeping photo?

Kuchiki: Yeah, it could be so “laughter”.

Kasukabe: You, idiot!


After a short silence, she suddenly punches his face and he’s knocked down on the floor.

Kasukabe: The more innovated the world is, the less morale people become! You’re a typical sample of that! Um, don’t be upset, Ogichin…

She’s getting red as a beet rather than being upset.

To make the situation clear, I want to explain some key words. First about the event of only Scrum Dunk’s “Mitsu-Gure” books. Scrum Dunk is an alter name for a famous basketball comic “Slam Dunk” in Japan. “Mitsu-Gure” is a combination of two male characters’ name who appear in the series. And, Yaoi-only event is the place where only gay dojinshi are sold. So, Ogiue unfortunately got caught in the act by Kuchiki, even though she was criticizing female otaku. Now, Ogiue is in a pretty difficult situation.

Ogiue: Um, well, my brother…

Kasukabe: Oh, you have a brother, eh?

With an unexpected evidence, she feels too sorry for Ogiue to call her bluff anymore.

Ogiue: My… brother…

She’s so freaking out that she even starts speaking in dialect.

Kasukabe: Yeah, your brother?

Ogiue: My bro… he asked me, no…

Kasukabe: What?

Ogiue: He plays basketball…

Kasukabe: Oh, that’s nice!


But, Ouno picks up another Scrum Dunk’s gay dojinshi from the table to show it to Ogiue and it is actually the fatal blow to Ogiue.

Ogiue: Uggghhh!!!

She runs to the window yelling out but Kasukabe stops her from jumping out again.

Kasukabe: It’s on the third floor! Hey, give me a hand, Ouno!

Ouno: Wow, it’s huge!

She looks just enjoying the situation. Just then, the other Genshiken guys come in.

Madarame: Oh, what’s up?

Kasukabe: Are you kidding?! Hold her back!

They managed to stop Ogiue from diving from the 3rd floor. A few days later, Kugayama finds all of them being unusually quiet when he drops by Genshiken room.

Kugayama: What… happened to you?

So, they welcomed a new member who just turned out to be a deep female otaku. We call them Fujoshi (= rotten women) nowadays.


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