All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP13-11


A preview part for the next episode.

Sasahara: Today’s guest is our new member, Chika Ogiue. Join me in welcoming her “Claps”.

Ogiue: W… what’s going on?

Sasahara: Speaking of Ogiue, she ruled the times with this line “I’m Ogiue. I hate otaku”.

Ogiue: I don’t know!

Sasahara: Can we look forward to another famous line to be born?

Ogiue: I don’t understand.

Madarame: Yes, it’s a must-have thing so you can build up your own character. It isn’t too much to say that your first word will decide everything, after all.

Sasahara: I wish Genshiken a new breath brought by her.

Ogiue: That’ll never happen!


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