All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP14-2


In Genshiken room, Sasahara is enjoying a comic book, where they rush in quarreling each other.

Madarame: So, your friends weren’t otaku, right? I just paid attention to you.

Kasukabe: No, I can’t buy since we had Ogiue with us, too!

Apparently she’s being upset because she thinks he ignored her when she said hello to him at cafeteria.

Madarame: How was I supposed to join in the ladies’ only talk?

Kasukabe: All right, you admit turning away from me at least, don’t you?

Ogiue: Um…

She’s looking at them anxiously.

Kasukabe: Don’t you know that is called ignoring? IGNORE! I even waved to you!

Madarame: All right, I did, I ignored but you’d have frowned at me if I had really answered you!

Kasukabe: No, I wouldn’t! Actually we were just talking about otaku fashion, so I rather wanted you to come!

Madarame: Not on your life!

Kasukabe: After all, my friends know about my boyfriend being otaku and also know that I’ve been hanging out in Genshiken!

Suddenly he begins speaking like a space alien to make fun of her.

Madarame: Don’t think too much of yourself just coming here. Even after ages, you haven’t become otaku yet. After all, you’re a different kind of people living in another planet.

Kasukabe: Shut up!

Madarame: And you’d eventually break up with Kosaka.

Kasukabe: This otaku really sucks!

Madarame: I’m a man of otaku. I came from the planet of Otaku.

Kasukabe: Otaku, otaku, otaku!!! …Oh?

Just then, they realize something different with Madarame’s glasses today.

( to be continued )


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