All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP14-3


During the quarrel between Kasukabe and Madarame, they suddenly realize that he’s wearing different glasses today.

Sasahara: His glasses…

Madarame: Oh?

His new glasses really hits Kasukabe’s spot and she bursts out laughing.

Kasukabe: Square glasses!!

Madarame: You just realized now?

He’s usually wearing glasses with round lenses.

Kasukabe: It’s square!!

Madarame: Um…

Kasukabe: Wh… what’s all about your trendy glasses? Did you want to dress up today?

Madarame: You know, I just wanted a change as my old ones were getting off, too. Don’t they look nice on me?

Kasukabe: Um, not so bad, but… what can I say…

She can’t stop giggling anyway.

Madarame: Your giggles aren’t saying so…

Kasukabe: It’s the matter of clothing, after all, which I just talked about to Ogiue.

Ogiue: Um, yeah.

Kasukabe: Don’t you have any interest? You know, your kind of outfit is called otaku fashion, right?

Madarame feels a little embarrassed.

Kasukabe: Don’t you even mind, or you wouldn’t change your mind anyway?

Madarame: Well, like, I’m not interested in fashion and… I know I’m hopeless at it, too.

Sasahara: Right. We can’t afford it, too.

Kasukabe: So your defensive way? Isn’t that pathetic?

Madarame: We wouldn’t challenge unless we’re assured to win. That’s the way of otaku.

Sasahara: Yeah.

Kasukabe: Hey, you aren’t thinking that paying attention to your fashion isn’t a very cool thing, are you? “We are hardboiled otaku, so we don’t care about fashion.” You may even feel superiority to that, do you?

Sasahara: I don’t know.

Madarame: Me, neither.

Kasukabe: Kosaka buys video games as well as clothing, still he can make ends meet.

Sasahara: But he is…

Kasukabe: Of course I know you’d never match both his look and senses.

Guys: Ah…

Kasukabe: But it isn’t the matter of your sense but your attitude – you give up at the very first then you don’t care about anymore. You wouldn’t get interested or involved in any fields that aren’t your specialities, would you? That’s the most problem of otaku, I think. …Oh?

She suddenly stops and gazes at Madarame’s face.

Madarame: W… what?

Kasukabe: S… square!!

She starts laughing again.

Madarame: Oh, she seems she really got this…

( to be continued )


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