All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP14-4


Today Madarame has been to Shinjuku by himself, where he don’t usually come for shopping.

Madarame: Why am I in such a place…?

Being told about his fashion by Kasukabe, he felt like to get some nice, new clothing.

Madarame: Well, I needed a jacket and a new pair of slacks. That’s all.

He stops at a men’s store and looks inside.

Madarame: I’ve never stepped in this kind of store. I usually go to more cheaper stores after I make my budget under 2,000 yen, which she said my brain wasn’t working. I need more broad options…

Eventually he gets back to the first men’s store. He seems quite uncomfortable in there. When he stops to see a shirt on the shelves, a clerk comes behind him. He’s frightened by the noise and leaves off to other shelves before he checks the shirt. But he meets another clerk working there, which makes him even more nervous and walk away.


Even after a couple of minutes browsing the clothing in the store, he hasn’t taken anything in his hand yet. He’s getting confused more and more and… ends up leaving the store. Now he’s in an arcade and playing a shooter game (called Shikigami no Shiro 2). Maybe he needed a cool down.

Madarame: “Sigh” I remember I didn’t even look at the tags… All I managed to do was just entering the store…

He puts in another coin to continue the game.

Madarame: I’m such a hopeless… I’ll try it again!

He makes up his mind to go back to the store.

Madarame: I’ll check the tags at least… :p

Then, his second round began…

( to be continued )


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