All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP14-5


Madarame gets back to the store to check their clothing again, but soon he’s astounded at the prices.

Madarame: Too expensive, Kasukabe! I can’t afford them at all! I know DVD-Boxes could be the same prices, but do I need to pay the same money for just one clothing? I might as well buy the cheapest clothing as I can’t afford expensive one, don’t I?!

Then he remembers what Kasukabe said to him.

Kasukabe: The problem is you give it up then you wouldn’t mind it at all.

Madarame: No, no! Don’t freak out. There’s no need to buy anything too high. I’m just okay with moderate ones, right? OK, let’s think about my jacket later. Now it is my pants. Where they are?

Since he keeps looking around, a clerk comes up to him.

Clerk: Can I help you?

He’s very frightened at her.

Madarame: Um, I’m looking for some slacks… no pants! (Oh, I bit my tongue!)

Clerk: They’re on the second floor.

Madarame: T… thanks…


But again he just finds out their pants are too expensive for him. He returns downstairs quickly.

Madarame: Um, I’d better go home. I’m a loser but I fought well, didn’t I? I haven’t compared the prices such seriously since I’ve gone to a dojin shop when I was a middle school student.

There was young Madarame who was torn between two dojinshi. Anyway, looking back on the day, he gets back to himself.

Madarame: Wait! I was all wrong about my shopping! Just comparing the prices helps nothing because the fun of a software isn’t decided by its price! I decide it myself!

He goes back to the pants shelves again and takes one of them in his hand without looking at the tag.

Madarame: I’ll pay for whatever I think good. I’m proud of my choices – adult games, dojinshi and clothing – same things! Because they’re all iconic of myself! (to a clerk) Excuse me!!

Since he’s being a little eccentric, this time the clerk gets a little frightened at him.

Madarame: Isn’t it what you meant, Kasukabe?!

Kasukabe: You’re all wrong!

But her answer was as harsh as he expected in his imagination.

Madarame: She could say so…

Anyway he finally made it to try on the pants at least.

( to be continued )


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