All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP14-6


Madarame finally bought nice new clothes for himself. On the way back to the station, he happens to find Kasukabe with her friends standing on the street. He remembers she said he ignored her the other day, so, this time, he decides to come up to say hello to her.

Madarame: H… hi, Kasukabe.

Kasukabe: What? Ugh?!

Apparently she doesn’t look very happy being talked by him at the moment.

Friend B: Who is he?

Kasukabe: A friend of my boyfriend’s…

Friend A: Ah, his otaku… I see.

Madarame: ( Look! You just frowned at me like I said to you first! )

Kasukabe: So, are you on the way home, Madarame?

Madarame: Y… yeah?

Kasukabe: Then, it’s good time to go.

Friend A: OK.

Friend B: See you then.

He’s a little surprised to see her friends leaving.

Kasukabe: Now, I’m leaving, too.

Madarame: Oh, so you are?

Kasukabe: They said they’ve still got something else to do.

Madarame: Oh, yeah…

Kasukabe: What? Do you have to go somewhere, too?

Madarame: Oh, I don’t. It’s not that. Well, you know, I wonder if we’ve been having a quarrel these days?

Kasukabe: Huh?

Madarame: Hmm?

She burst out laughing.

Kasukabe: You call that a quarrel? And, did you say “Aren’t we having a quarrel?” You’re too self-conscious! That sounds really otaku!

But he doesn’t see the point why she’s so laughing.

Kasukabe: OK, OK. Then, why don’t we go to dinner together?

Madarame: W… why?

Kasukabe: To make up, right? I was just getting hungry, too. You wouldn’t say no just because I’m your friend’s girlfriend, right? That would be really otaku.

So, he happens to have dinner with Kasukabe only two of them.

( to be continued )


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