All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP14-7


By a twist of fortune, Madarame turned out to go to the sushi restaurant with Kasukabe for dinner.

Kasukabe: Hey, are you still mad? Why don’t you look happier during dinner at least?

In fact, he isn’t but is just confused at the situation.

Madarame: I think you’re man from another planet, after all. Me, I’m otaku. I can’t keep up with you.

Kasukabe: You say that again? Kosaka wouldn’t care about us doing this.

Madarame: He is, so to speak, man from another galaxy.

But there’s one thing he’s worried about in his mind – the bill.

Madarame: ( How should we pay the bill? Should we share the same order? )

In this kind of conveyor belt sushi bar, your each order usually comes in a pair on one small plate (2 on 1). They have different prices by different types of sushi. So, if you want to precisely split the bill, both of you may want to eat the same sushi one by one. But, her order is…

Kasukabe: I’d like an O-toro (= one of the most expensive cut of tuna).

Madarame: Ugh?!

Chef: Sure!

Madarame: ( She has not the least intention of doing that… )

Some of expensive sushi like O-toro are served as a single, which should be eaten by one person, reasonably.

Kasukabe: Hmm, it’s very good!!

Madarame gives up the idea going dutch and have cheeper sushi for himself from the lane.

Kasukabe: What’s the matter with your new glasses?

Madarame: Yeah?

Kasukabe: You bought that for you, didn’t you?

Madarame: Well…

Kasukabe: Weren’t you going to suit them to your glasses?

Looking at his shopping bag, she’s already known he bought some new clothing today, which he wouldn’t do usually.

Madarame: Um, you know, my old ones were getting worn out, too, so…

Kasukabe: An Uni(=sea urchin) and a Mushi Awabi(=steamed abalone), please.

They’re as expensive sushi as O-toro, by the way.

Kasukabe: What’s in the bag? A shirt?

Madarame: Yeah, and a couple of other things.

Kasukabe: Hmm, can you show me your new outfit in the club room?

Madarame: I’m sure you’ll just criticize me.

Kasukabe: Of course, yes. But if your dress keeps dull like now, I can’t make a judge or even say anything about it.

Madarame: You’re so harsh.

Kasukabe: Think and pick out your dress on your own choice, then you can first have my judge.

Madarame: That’s really kind of you, man.

Kasukabe: And, would you like me to order something for you?

Madarame: No thanks. I’m splurged. I can’t spend a lot on food now.

Chef: Here’s your Mushi Awabi.

Anyway, Madarame seems to be gradually fitting in the sushi dinner with Kasukabe.

( to be continued )


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