All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP14-8


At first, Madarame was getting so nervous about having dinner with Kasukabe, but he eventually got used to it.

Kasukabe: Splurged? I never thought I’d hear that word from you.

Madarame: As you already know, I’m a man of the planet Otaku, so any expenses not for Otaku supplies are to be a splurge.

Kasukabe: You bring it up again? Aren’t you sticking to that word a little too much? You aren’t an alien, after all?

Madarame: That doesn’t sound like you. You don’t like Otaku, right?

Kasukabe: Listen, I’m going out with that Kosaka you know. I’ve got to used to Otaku even though I don’t wish.

Madarame: So you don’t, right?

Kasukabe: “Laughter” I’ve been making an effort recently.

Madarame: What’s that?

Kasukabe: Say, I won’t touch him while he’s at an anime or video games.

Madarame: That may be he is just abandoning you, right?

Kasukabe: Stop that. Hey, I just played a game together the other day.

Madarame: Hmm, hmm. What’s the game?

In fact, he’s not very happy about the topic.

Kasukabe: A kind of prince.

Madarame: A prince?

Kasukabe: He rolls and gathers.

Madarame: Oh, the sequel has just come out recently.

Kasukabe: Right.

The game they’re talking about is Katamari Damashii (=We love Katamari ).

Kasukabe: It was easy but fun. I played it even for an hour!

Madarame: That’s… nice. ( Why I got so hurt? ) But, I wish you wouldn’t have played that thing.

Kasukabe: Why not?

Madarame: Of course it’s great you’re going out with Kosaka, I’d like you to tread a thorny path, though.

Kasukabe: You’re so mean.

Madarame: ( Now I’ve got it… )

Kasukabe: Can I have a Tai, please? (= sea bream)

Madarame: You know, I’d rather want you to be an another planet being…

Kasukabe: What do you mean?

Madarame: Um, just my little hope.

Kasukabe: Hmm?

Madarame: ( It’s rather me who has to tread on a thorny path. ) Ow! ( drinking a hot tea ) Um, what can I say…

Chef: Here’s your Tai.

If she kept away from Otaku as she used to be, he could give up his secret love to her. But she never know what in his mind.

( to be continued )


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