All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP14-9


After dinner, they took on the same train to their home. Although they’re standing side by side hanging on to a strap, they’re speaking few words. When the train stopped at one station, a man in front of them left the seat, so Madarame suggests Kasukabe the seat.

Madarame: Why don’t you sit down?

Kasukabe: Huh? I’m okay. You go ahead, Madarame.

Madarame: Isn’t it embarrassing men take up a seat before ladies?

Kasukabe: What? That sounds really otaku-ish.

Madarame: “Laughing” All right. I’ll take you up on it.

She starts texting with her cellphone. In fact, he’s been worried about her in his mind.

Madarame: ( Well, there doesn’t seem to be any misbehaving drunk. Even if so, she’d rather manage by herself than call some help.

As he spent the same time with her today, he might have gotten a kind of knight spirit, still there’s no words between them until they got to their station. When they go through the ticket gate, there’s been Kosaka waiting for them.


Kosaka: Welcome back.

Kasukabe: Thanks, honey.

Kosaka: I heard you had sushi?

He speaks to Madarame, who’s a little upset with him appearance there.

Madarame: Y… yeah.

Kosaka: I wish I had been there, too.

Kasukabe: You said you were going to play games the whole day. You couldn’t come to Shinjuku anyway, could you?

He takes her bag for her.

Kosaka: You right. So, did you get the new book of Menma-chan?

Madarame: Um, I didn’t have time, so…

This is a pretty surprise for Kosaka that Madarame didn’t get Otaku goods first of all.

Kosaka: Oh, that’s OK.

Madarame: I’ll go to Akiba this Saturday. I can get that for you?

Kosaka: Yes, please.

Madarame: Got it. Then, I’m leaving.

Waving his hand, he leaves alone, while Kasukabe and Kosaka are getting back home together.

Kosaka: What should we do then?

Kasukabe: Can I stay with you?

Kosaka: Sure.

Getting back to the real, Madarame feels so lonely. On the way home, he looks up the night sky.

Madarame: Yes!

Making a small shout, he cheers up himself and then picks up to his home.

( to be continued )


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