All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP14-10


The next day, Madarame appears in the club room wearing his new pants and jacket.

Sasahara: It looks nice.

Kuchiki: 18,000 yen just for the pants?! I’ve never bought any clothing over 3,000 yen!

Madarame: Aha…

Sasahara: I think Kasukabe should give him OK.

Ouno: I’m not sure. I heard she didn’t even mind using 100,000 yen for her clothing.

Kuchiki: Hey, I think she’ll punch him! Oh, that should me!

Madarame: Never mind. I just bought what I wanted.

They’re impressed by his words.

Madarame: They say “Who laughs at Otaku is Otaku”, right?

Kuchiki: He just said nice thing, very nice thing!

Just then Kasukabe and Kosaka arrive there.

Guys: Here she comes!

Kasukabe: Hi, there. Oh…

She realizes Madarame’s new outfit.

Madarame: Aha… Welcome, the fellow of Yamato

This is a famous line from Space Battleship Yamato.

Kasukabe: Hmm, it looks great on you.

Madarame: Yes, I won!

Guys: Wow!

Kasukabe: You won? Aren’t you being a little too exaggerated?

Madarame: No, I’m not!

Ouno: I’m a little surprised.

Sasahara: I know. I didn’t think she’d give him such a praise!

Kuchiki: I’m not satisfied!

Madarame: Actually, I was slammed by you before.

Kasukabe: That was… You know, you’re thin but broad-shouldered, which is a modern proportion.

He looks so happy with good things said by her.

Sasahara: Now, I feel like to buy some clothing, too.

Ouno: Some shops start sales next month.

Kuchiki: No, we have no time for enjoying fashion!


Just then, Ogiue appears in Genshiken, who’s really fancy dressed too but never look good in the new dress. They’re all speechless for a while. She walks in and just takes a chair.

Ogiue: …Ah, do you need one…?

Kasukabe: This is a failure!! Don’t just buy!

Ogiue: B… but…

Kasukabe: Change your hair style at least!

Maybe Ogiue bought the new dress just being recommended by a shop clerk, which looks too fancy on her.


The next Saturday, there’s Madarame and his friends in Akihabara. But today, he’s dressed up with his brand-new clothes.

Tanaka: Look at his Akiba-exclusive dress.

Madarame: “Ta-da!” OK, now let’s go!

He looks so happy with his new dress that was certified by Kasukabe.

Kugayama: Only if that is exclusive for Char.

Char Aznable, the red comet, is a character in Gundam series, who Madarame most respects in that stories.

Anyway, Madarame seems to have recovered from his small heart-break.


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