All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP15


“Then, I’ll take your dress off!”

One day, they’re having a meeting about the upcoming college festival, but, as always, Ouno and Ogiue are butting their heads over the topic of costume-playing.

Ogiue: Most costumes used in anime or games are strangely designed just as men desire.

She’s referring to the picture of Renko Kamishakujii on the wall.

Ouno: There’re many female creators as well.

Ogiue: All right, both men and women’s twisted desire. First of all, I can’t believe that you wear those things and pose yourself in public!

Ouno: What you want to represent by costume-playing is the original character itself, which means the insides of the character as well.

Ogiue: That’s absurd! The insides never appear on pictures!

Ouno: They actually do!

Ogiue: Shame on you! Don’t you think you’re going too far?

Ouno: No, I don’t think so.

Ogiue: I can’t understand.

Ouno: There’re actually people who can. Saki, right?

Kasukabe: What?!

She’s surprised since she and other member has been just watching their quarrel.

Ouno: Last year, you supported as Kaicho by costume-playing, Saki!

Ogiue: Wha…

She’s startled at the fact that Kasukabe did it.

Ouno: Please say something to her.

Kasukabe: Don’t touch on that…

Sasahara: Um, anyway, do you agree that we’ll have Ouno’s costume-playing photo party as the main program of us?

Kasukabe: That’ll be fine. We don’t have anything else, actually.

Ogiue: So you’re going to appropriate the college festival for your own use.

Ouno: Why don’t you try out, too?

Ogiue: I never do such an embarrassing thing!

Ouno: You really want to do, don’t you?

It seems to take long before these two girls get closer to each other.

( to be continued )


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