All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP15-2


The day of the college festival has come. Each club is busy at setting up their own programs and so Genshiken is.

Kosaka: Let’s move that to a little right.

Kuchiki: Yes, sir! Whoa!

They’re standing up some lights on the floor for their photo party, however Kuchiki isn’t strong enough to carry the heavy light alone and he almost falls it.

Sasahara: I’ll help you!

However there’s one problem with them, which Madarame is talking to Kasukabe about.

Kasukabe: What? You’ve been held up since Ouno got sulked?

Madarame: Right.

Tanaka: I’m sorry.

Kasukabe: Oh, I don’t know.

She looks at the partitions in the room, where Ouno might be getting ready for her cos-play.

Tanaka: Um, now we gave up Ogiue’s cos-play so could you make Ouno feel better? She’s in that waiting room.

Kasukabe: “Sigh” You’re so hopeless.

Tanaka: Yeah…

Kasukabe: And you ask me for help, after all?

Madarame: Finally, rather ultimately.

Tanaka: Sorry…

Kasukabe turns back to Tanaka after walking ahead a little.

Kasukabe: It’s okay I run interference but are you really sure where’s the problem?

Tanaka: What? Um, maybe I was making Ogiue’s costumes?

Kasukabe: No!

Guys seem to be puzzled.

Kasukabe: That isn’t the point because Ouno wanted Ogiue to do cos-play, too.

Tanaka: But…

Kasukabe: You’re so clueless. Listen, Ouno isn’t pointing her complaint at Ogiue now but…


Just then Ogiue appears in the room.

Ogiue: Good morning.

The guys freak out.

Madarame: Good morning.

Madarame: M… morning!

Kugayama: H… hi!

She has a little odd feelings with them.

Kosaka&Sasahara: Good morning.

Kuchiki: Guten morgen!

Ogiue: What’s the matter?

Kasukabe: Oh, it’s nothing.

Tanaka: Yeah, don’t worry.

Madarame: N… nothing!

They’re all afraid of Ogiue knowing their secret plan for her cos-play.

Kasukabe: (To Tanaka) Anyway, I’ll give it a shot.

Ogiue doesn’t know what’s going on there.

( to be continued )


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