All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP15-4


Having finished with Ouno, Kasukabe gets out of the dressing room.

Madarame: Hey, she came out.

Tanaka: How did it go?

Kasukabe: I think she’s OK.

They’re all relieved to hear that.

Kasukabe: But you should apologize to her in the first place.

Tanaka: Yes.

Kasukabe: Are you sure? Don’t leave any source of future trouble, OK?

Tanaka: Sure, you’re right.

Just then, a guest comes in the room, who Ogiue stop at the door.

Ogiue: Sorry but it hasn’t started yet.

Guest: Oh, I see.

Kasukabe’s looking at her.

Madarame: Uh?

Kasukabe: Now I’m feeling like to let Ogiue do cos-play a little.

Guys are so surprised to hear that.

Kasukabe: Since I’ve seen plenty of costumes for her.

Kugayama: That was it.

Kasukabe: And plus, I know it from my experiences that you can break through something when you do that.

Madarame: Oh, I knew it!

Sasahara: But isn’t it too late to start?

Kasukabe: Here’s an idea. You know that she once showed up just wearing a set of clothing that she had been recommend by a shop clerk.

Madarame: Yeah, she did.

Kasukabe: I am a professional part-time shop clerk, right?

Sasahara: Uh, that sounds nonsense.

Madarame: I can barely understand what you mean.

Kasukabe: You wait and see. “Hey, come here, Ogi!”

Guys just freak out knowing she’s serious.

Ogiue: Yes?

Kasukabe: Yeah, yeah…

Ogiue: What’s the matter?

Kasukabe: I’ve got something for you. Hey, Ouno and Tanaka, can I get in?

She comes up to the dressing room with Ogiue.

Ouno: Yes? Sure, you can.

Kaukvw: I wish I didn’t disturb you two.

Ouno: Don’t be kidding.

Kasukabe: All right. Then, you go out of here, Tanaka.

Ogiue: What are you doing with me?

Kasukabe drags her into the room, which Ouno and Tanaka are puzzled at.

Tanaka: What’s this?

Kasukabe: We’ve got something to do here. Go out, quick!

Tanaka: W… what?!

He notices the looks on faces of his friends outside.

Tanaka: Well, she couldn’t be…

Sasahara: You’ve got that right.

Kuchiki: Fallen for the poisonous fang!

Guys: Sh!!

So, is Ogiue going to have to do cos-play or not?

( to be continued )


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