All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP15-5


Kasukabe wanted to see Ogiue’s cos-play so she brought her to the dress room.

Kasukabe: Hey, look at this, Ogi!

She brings a piece of costume and puts it over Ogiue.

Ogiue: Oh, what are you doing?! I won’t wear! It’s disgusting!

Kasukabe: Of course you don’t have to wear. I’m just making sure how it looks on you since they were especially made for you.

Ogiue: But it isn’t you who made the costume!

Kasukabe: There, there. Hey, come at the mirror.

Ogiue makes a small scream and looks away from the mirror.

Kasukabe: Wow, it looks nice. You have nice large eyes that makes you look great on these cute dresses.

Ogiue: W… what…

But Kasukabe doesn’t stop complimenting her and brings one costume after another to her.

Kasukabe: So cute! This and this looks nice, too! Try this on the next? Wow, so good!

Ogiue is just embarrassed.

Kasukabe: Hey, can you unbind your hair?

Ogiue: What?! No, I won’t!

Kasukabe: Since you don’t have to wear, you could just down your hair, right?

Ogiue: Even so, I won’t…

Kasukabe: If your hair’s up, they may not look right when I suit them on you. It won’t take you long. Just a minute, OK?

Ogiue: Uh…

She starts to take the hair band off when Ouno comes up to Kasukabe.

Ouno: Hey, what’s all about this, Saki?

Kasukabe: You know, I just wanted to have Ogiue do cos-play.

Ouno: Gosh! But, why?

Kasukabe: Whatever. You wouldn’t stop me anyway, would you?

Ouno: Doing cos-play against her will isn’t the right way!

Kasukabe: Huh, you did that on me last year. Remember?

Ouno can’t say anything back to her. Kasukabe returns to Ogiue.

Kasukabe: Good, very good. Here’s the next.

She put the uniform of Kuji-Un over Oigue. Ouno also joins there to have a look.

Kasukabe: Now I’m sure you’d really suit if you worn this.

Ouno: Uh, I admit that…

Ogiue: ( Oh, they’re looking at me! )

Now she’s not only being embarrassed but also getting another feelings.

( to be continued )


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