All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP15-6


Kasukabe was showing a variety of costumes to Ogiue but she suddenly pulls them back when Ogiue begins to change her mind.

Kasukabe: All right, then.

Ogiue and Ouno: What?!

They’re both surprised that Kasukabe takes them back to the rack.

Kasukabe: Thanks. Now, you can leave.

She pretends as if she’s content with just figuring how Ogiue would look in these costumes. However it is her tricks learned from her shop clerk experiences – push and retreat. Now Ogiue is actually having her eyes on the costumes.

Kasukabe: Yes?

Ogiue: Uh…

She seems really embarrassed.

Kasukabe: You maybe wanted to see them longer?

Ogiue: N… no.

Kasukabe: Then, why don’t you try them on?

Ogiue: No, thanks!

Ouno: ( Now I’ve got it’s Saki’s great talk technique. )

Kasukabe: That’s too bad. It’s a kind of good opportunity, isn’t it?

Ogiue: No, I’ve got no interest in cos-play!

Ouno: ( I almost fell for her tricks, too… )

Kasukabe: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Then, would you like to wear if I wore, too?

This is a big shocker to both Ogiue and Ouno.

Ogiue: Are you sure?!

Kasukabe: Yes, I would if you Ogiue did.

Ogiue starts to be swaying again by her suggest.

Ouno: ( Wow, she succeeded in switching their places in a moment, and Ogiue hasn’t noticed it yet! )

You can’t underestimate a professional part time job shop clerk that Kasukabe said.

( to be continued )


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