All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP15-7


While Kasukabe is talking Ogiue into cos-play, the rest of guys are discussing the chance.

Madarame: So, what do you think?

Sasahara: What do you mean?

Madarame: She’ll wear or not?

Kosaka: Ogiue?

Tanaka: It’ll be the toss or 4 to 6 to fail.

Kugayama: There’s no chance.

Kosaka: I’m sure she will wear.

Sasahara: Why are you so sure?

Kosaka: Yes, because it is Saki.

Madarame: No matter how good Kasukabe is at this…

Kuchiki: With your permission I’ll bet my Kuji-Un strap!

He shows a small figurine strapped to his cellphone.

Madarame: Uh, I have the same thing…

Tanaka: Well, with my wish, I bet she’ll wear.

Madarame: Are you sure? You’re the one who caused the trouble!

Tanaka: So I’ll take the responsibility.

Sasahara: I don’t think she will.

Madarame: Hm…

He looks around their faces and takes a show of hands.

Madarame: She won’t.

Sasahara, Kugayama, Kuchiki and Madarame raise their hands.

Tanaka: Then, she will?

Only Tanaka and Kosaka do so.


While these guys are just enjoying betting, there’s a harsh diplomacy going on inside.

Ogiue: On second thought, no thanks. It’s bothering.

Ouno: ( Now her reason’s just bothering… )

Kasukabe: You’ve just got to wear in here. You don’t have to show any guys!

Ogiue: Don’t be ridiculous! I’ll never…

Kasukabe: Then, just a little!

Ogiue: No, thanks…

Kasukabe: Just put it on a moment then take it off quickly and you’ll be done, right?

Ogiue: No, please…

Ouno: ( Oh, Saki, you’re almost there! )

Kasukabe: I promise I’ll never take any photos of you, too!

Ogiue: Oh, not that…

Kasukabe: You just try them on. Hey, take off your clothes, eh?

Ogiue: Uh, I don’t know how much I’d have to take off my clothes…

Just then, Kasukabe gets convinced that she’s fallen for her.

Kasukabe: Then, I’ll take your dress off!!

Ogiue: Nne! I’ll de myzelf, myzelf!!

She can’t stop speaking in a dialect when she’s in a quite difficult situation.

Madarame: Is that all right?

Sasahara: I’m not sure…

Hearing the loud noise and scream from the dressing room, they can’t help getting worried about the girls.

( to be continued )


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